Denaq Adapter For Dell Laptops MPGD Corp Merchandise 24.49
Denaq Adapter For Dell Laptops Computers and Accessories 24.49 MPGD Corp Merchandise

Denaq Adapter For Dell Laptops

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Dell this

• Input: 100V-240V, 1.5A, 50Hz/60Hz
• Output: 19.5V, 3.16A
• Safety fuses guard against power surges
• Compatible with Dell(R) Inspiron(R) 2200, Dell(R) Latitude 110L, Dell(R) Inspiron(R) 1300, Dell(R) Inspiron(R) B120, Dell(R) Inspiron(R) B130, Dell(R) Latitude 120L, Dell(R) Inspiron(R) 1000, Dell(R) Inspiron(R) 1200, Dell(R) 310-5422, Dell(R) 310-6405, Dell(R) 310-6499, Dell(R) 310-7667, Dell(R) 312-0367, Dell(R) ADP-60NH, Dell(R) CF719, Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 1300, Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 2200, Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 3000, Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 3200, Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 3500, Dell(R) Dell Inspiron B120, Dell(R) Dell Inspiron B130, Dell(R) Dell Latitude 110L, Dell(R) Dell Latitude 120L, Dell(R) FAMILY 16, Dell(R) K9060, Dell(R) N5825, Dell(R) PA16, Dell(R) PA-16, Dell(R) TD230, Dell(R) WD971, Dell(R) Inspiron(R) 3000, Dell(R) Inspiron(R) 3200 & Dell(R) Inspiron(R) 3500;