DIY Nail Dryer/ Vacuum Cleaner

clean and pretty

Size: about 20cm*25cm*10.5cm

A fast, safe, and odorless nail dryer can be used to dry the gel on the nails and nails.
Designed for professional or personal nail salons, it quickly dries UV glue/extension glue/LED glue in minutes.

Rugged fan and stable performance to collect dust generated when boring or polishing nails.
Covered with a layer of PVC leather, giving you a soft and good feel.
Includes 2 dust bags for replacement and cleaning.
Compact and lightweight, it is suitable for long-distance travel and business travel, easy to clean, use and carry.

Place the device and connect it to a power source.
Turn the switch to "-", the corresponding indicator lights up and the power supply is properly connected.
Turn on the fan, place your hand on the fan, and use strong suction to draw dust from the nail into the dust bag.
After use, turn the switch to “O” and turn off the power.
The dust bag can be recycled after cleaning.
Cable length: 70 cm
Rated voltage (V): 220 V / 110 V
Input power: 30 W.
Rated current (A): 2.5
Project Type: Manicure
Material: PVC

[Usage]: When doing all kinds of dusty nail care, such as: polishing, manicure, nail, light therapy, crystal and so on. The customer's hand is placed in a small black window, and the dust generated during the care process can be sucked into the storage box in the machine. It is convenient for the cleaning work after the end of the nursing, and allows the customers to enjoy the better quality service without dust.