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MPGD CORP MERCHANDISE - Online shopping store

MPGD Corp was first started in 2007 by Pettrina Clarke. It opened its first convenience store in Spanish Harlem and later expanded into the Bronx.

After completely all the renovations themselves and getting praised for their meticulous work, the company decided to open its construction branch until the construction slow down a few years later. 

Best Online Retail Store

Today with the rise of online retail stores, MPGD Corp once again decided to reinvent the wheel, hence the birth of MPGD Corp Merchandise. We spent a year researching and contracting with various manufacturers that offer quality products at decent prices that any budget could afford.

Quality Products at Reasonable Price

We strongly believe that quality products at great, reasonable prices is fundamental to our business core values.

Our products are not marked up by 200 to 500% increase as most companies who offer "free shipping" has done and will continue to do. This "free shipping" is offered to clear their conscience from the fact that they get products directly from manufacturers for pennies on the dollar then inflate said products to sell to you.

Additionally, we have partnered with local artisan groups from around the world to bring unique artwork to you. These indigenous artwork are all unique and many are made using recycled metals and other goods. Thus, contributing to leaving smaller carbon foot prints on our fragile planet.

So sit back and enjoy browsing through our products knowing that you are not paying an inflated price on the goods we sell.


MPGD CORP is a domestic corporation licensed in the state of New York since the year 2007. It's headquarters is located in New York City, borough of Kings County at 270 Martense Street, Brooklyn, New York 11226.This corporation is diversified in a variety of  fields. Further details of this company can be accessed through NYS Department of Corporation.