Galaxy Grow Tent - Heavy Duty 1680d Hydroponics Tent (2'x4' Foot) MPGD Corp Merchandise 195.00 –
Galaxy Grow Tent - Heavy Duty 1680d Hydroponics Tent (2'x4' Foot) Garden 195.00 MPGD Corp Merchandise

Galaxy Grow Tent - Heavy Duty 1680d Hydroponics Tent (2'x4' Foot)

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Galaxy Grow Tent - (2'x4'x6.5' Foot)

Heavy Duty 1680D Material & Metal Poles - Highest quality grow tent in the the market to last you a lifetime.

Galaxy grow tents are the newest, most durable, and best priced grow tents around. They have the equivalent durability as the most durable tents in the current market which means they will last for over 20 years unlike the cheap competitors which only last 6 months.

The secret to the Galaxy Grow Tents is in the quality. These are tents that can be used and reused for 20 years without issue. We guarantee that this tent's quality surpasses most anything you have ever seen or your money back. Avoid cheaply made tents that break down easily. The Galaxy tents are made of ultra-heavy duty 1680D material, poles strong enough to carry 300 pounds, and heavy duty zippers plus much more.


Product Details

  • Ultra-Heavy Duty 1680D Material
  • 2'x4'x6.5'
  • Ultra-Strong 25mm Poles with steel corners (NO PLASTIC) - Strongest poles on the market (Can carry up to 300 pounds!)
  • Heavy Duty Zippers
  • Heavy Duty Utility Pouch
  • Multiple Mesh Vent Ports
  • Reinforced Corners
  • Easy To Clean Spill Tray
  • Heavy Duty Poly Viewing Windows
  • Light Guard Flaps For All Zippers
  • Utility Cross Bars With Heavy Duty Steel Brackets
  • Several Ducting Port With Double Liner To Be Double Light Tight
  • Side Access Ports
  • ‘D’ Style Doors
  • Carrying Case For Easy Moving And Storage

Galaxy Grow Tents have the strongest all steel frame of any grow tent on the market. We use the thickest material on the market. 1680D material is as heavy duty as it gets. Our corners are reinforced to prevent tearing in the high stress locations on the tent. We have also featured side bars to help stabilize the frame as well as give you an option to hang equipment from them (IE fans). A mesh pouch is also included to store your equipment as well.

The reflective material is specially designed to evenly distribute light reflection throughout the whole tent to prevent any hot spots. We have included multiple ventilation ports at the bottom of the tent with fine mesh screens to prevent pests from getting into your tent. Each is able to be completely sealed with a heavy duty cover using hooks and a loop. We have also included viewing windows with a heavy duty crystal clear poly material that is completely sealable with hook and loop.

Multiple duct ports on all the tents allows you to keep your tent super cool even with the hottest of HID lights. Our duct ports are specially designed to close tight around the ducting both inside and outside the tent to prevent any light from getting through.

Our larger models feature an access port on the sides so you can get to all your plants easily no matter how far back they are!

Protect your floor of your tent with our Easy to Clean spill tray included at no extra cost.

Other popular brands use film which covers their reflective material and flakes off when cleaned thus leaving flakes of residue and heavy discoloration. Our material is heavy duty and can be cleaned with any mild detergents.